Friday, June 24, 2011

Victorian Garden Party - Original 19th Century Clothing!

On a beautiful Tuesday afternoon, interns Rachel and Alexa went out to model some of Strawbery Banke's deaccessioned clothing in the Goodwin Garden. The re-created Victorian landscape served as a wonderful backdrop for our 19th-century wardrobe!

Mid- to late 19th century pleated blouse, modeled by Rachel.

Red taffeta bodice with gathered and frilled details, 1887-1890 - modeled by Alexa. There is a detachable standing collar of matching fabric, not shown. Like most of Strawbery Banke's 19th-century clothing, this bodice is very tiny and required a corset to fit a modern figure!

Burgundy heavy silk bodice with velvet and lace embellishment, missing front hook-and-eye closure, 1897. This bodice is an excellent example of an 1890s trend for puffed sleeves, which became more extreme throughout the decade!

Black pinstriped taffeta bodice, c. 1890s-1900. This one demonstrates another 1890s trend - the bodice front is pleated along the top shoulder seams, adding fullness to the bust.

Clothing photographed on site at Strawbery Banke Museum
Photos and styling by Rachel Passannante and Alexa Price
Additional styling by Heather Charles

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  1. Alexa and Rachel and Heather - Thank you for the lovely and informative post. A note for our readers: the clothing worn in the photos is to be deaccessioned for educational use. Costumes and garments which are accessioned into the collection are never worn, handled with utmost care, protected from light and environmental damage and so on.