Thursday, June 9, 2011

4H Design Revue Teaser- Historic Reproductions

I recently had the honor of taking part as a judge in the University of New Hampshire Extension Program 4H Design Revue. Youth designers from age 12 to 18 from throughout New Hampshire took part and created some stunning and inspired creations for their own uses: proms, hanging out with friends, first communion, attendance at conferences, family gatherings and so on. Overall the tailoring was impeccable, frequently with complex darts, zippers, fastners of every sort, seams, and pleats. These young men and women are type A personalities in the making and should be applauded for their efforts. Their families and leaders, and the UNH Extension Program are to be highly commended.

More on this important educational and outreach program in future blogs, but I wanted to share a few examples of youth excellence in design and artistry in the Granite State. Being part of the process was personally and professionally fulfilling and I encourage others with an interest or avocation to volunteer for any number of programs. To Janith Bergeron, of The Sewing Tree, and Kathy Jablonski, Grafton County Extension program, I extend my thanks for their warm hospitality and experienced guidance.

Deanna in Elizabethan multi piece garment. The lavish floor length robe, with gold trim braid and period appropriate closures, and the bodice "bustier" with finely constructed boning set this stunning reproduction piece apart. It took weeks to construct, fabricate and tailor, and including some hand sewing.

Sarah's blue silk Empire waist, ankle length gown uses period appropriate seams and subtle detailing such as lace edged sleeves. She demonstrates that an elegant style never goes out of style even after two centuries!

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  1. Wouldn't it be nice to perhaps incorporate a design or two from one or more of these talented young women in Passion for Fashion.
    Love your blog's background fabric!
    Best, Beth