Thursday, June 9, 2011

Safety is Always in Fashion

This mask is dated in the 1920’s and was used for miners. Here this mask exhibits a much more striking alien feel with the tube attachment.

The 1940’s British gas mask is accompanied with an olive green infantry bag. During WW2, the gas mask would have been used by soldier to protect themselves against weapons of war.

This final mask is modern day and is accompanied by a pair of safety glasses. The use of this mask is that of a renovation, where a lot of dust was entering the air due to sanding and construction.

These safety precautions taken over history show a progression of technology and safety and an evolution of these masks through time.

Bridget Swift
Strawbery Banke Curatorial Intern

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  1. Wow- Bridget, this is a visual surprise - but so true. And fashion and technology are old friends. Thanks for the history lesson!