Thursday, June 9, 2011

Something feathered

Last year, these shoes were found at Twice A Lady in Stratham. After a long stream of wedding slipper photography, we wondered if we would ever be sharing these on yet another wedding-related post.

Unlikely as we would have thought it, the time has finally come where we find a dress that nearly matches the shoes. A visit to the addicting vintage fasion site revealed a 1935 satin-and-ostrich-feather wedding gown - it is truly one-of-a-kind, both for the 1930s and today!

Alexa Price
Strawbery Banke summer curatorial intern


  1. Oh la la! What a gown! Have to say it has a boudoir appeal which can go toe to toe (ouch!) with the slippers. Do you know what size the dress was? Check out that detailing at waist. Nice find!

  2. According to the description, the gown has a 28" waist and 36" bust, so... somewhere around a size 10. It looks like it was worn by a tall woman, too, since it is longer than most dresses on the website (either that or it was worn with higher heels).