Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sewing Tree + 4 H Students Visit Strawbery Banke

A few weeks ago, students of The Sewing Tree, Dover and 4H Design Revue, led by the talented Janith Bergeron, visited the Costume and Textile Collection at Strawbery Banke Museum, in search of inspiration for their sewing projects. After the audible gasp of delight upon entering the second floor showroom, the students had the opportunity to examine costumes and accessories from 1770s through 1950s. Associate Curator, Tara Vose discussed various aspects of the collection including fabrication of garments, ornament application, fabric use and stability, as well as the provenance and family stories associated with various items. Janith guided her students through the complexities of ornamentation and decided to focus the student's efforts on shoes and hats. Many of these will be on view for "Thread: The Story of New England Fashion." Several designers have already selected their inspiration source. More to follow as the sketches and designs develop.

Sarah's China blue raw silk neoclassical dress, which has already won prizes in 4H competitions, will be featured in one of the Museums historic homes. Deanna's prize winning Elizabethan gown and robe continues to delight all who see it.

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