Friday, June 4, 2010

SilkBrocade on Children's Clothes/Sailor Suit, 1840-1850s

While we do not know much about the family or maker of the boy’s sailor suit, this simple two-piece outfit of shirt and trousers nonetheless had the ability to conjure up images of New England’s long relationship with the sea and the maritime trade. Made of homespun and entirely hand stitched, incredible care went into its planning from the hand stitched blue collar to the two milk glass buttons of the drop front trousers. Even the shirt ties are placed with care. Dated circa 1840-1850 based on men’s clothing of the time, its provenance is unknown. When placed on the mannequin, the little sailor assumes a playful air.

Photographs: Tara Vose
Mannequin: Created by Astrida Shaeffer
From: The Collection of Strawbery Banke Museum
Featured: “Through the Eye of the Needle: Family Stories, Sewing Stories” Portsmouth Athenaeum, Winter 2009.

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