Thursday, June 10, 2010

Flats with strawberries

J.Crew flats found at Twice a Lady in Stratham, NH. Leather upper with satin-esque fabric and brown velvet bows. Note the fruits and especially strawberries in the red field.

As we develop our 2012 exhibition "Passion for Fashion," Strawbery Banke Museum is adding contemporary clothing and accessories to the Collections and for use as "props" for the exhibition (see also the dress form on this blog).

Full details of the exhibition to follow by late July, but if you are interested in learning more or taking part as a designer, donor, sponsor or creative spirit, contact Dr. Kimberly Alexander, Chief Curator or Tara Vose, Collections Manager, at Strawbery Banke Museum web site, facebook, Twitter (follow SilkBrocade) or this blog (Silk Brocade's Passion for Fashion).

Photograph: Tara Vose
Designer:For J.Crew

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