Saturday, June 19, 2010

Emma Hope, Red and White Shoe, ca, 1990s

You will see immediately why I love this shoe- it is deeply textured, brightly patterned, funky and nostalgic at the same time with its bold, playful side buckle. And the profile--what total elegance! This was first shown during the mid 1990s, around 1995, and Ms. Hope's use of luxury materials continues today with beaded flats, satins and pearls. To wear these shoes must be a transcendent experience for the owner--they cannot be called footwear to use our contemporary vernacular, but footapparel or even footcandy as they delight the viewer as well as the wearer. From Portsmouth, UK, Ms. Hope trained at the London Cordwainer's College. Note the affinity of her shoe to Strawbery Banke's Lady's London shoe, designed by James Davis and found on these pages.

Silk Brocade

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