Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ellen McDermott photographs "Lacie" at Goodwin House

Another beautiful day at Strawbery Banke, perfect for a photo shoot. The artistic team of Ellen McDermott and creative partner Bridget Sciales focused on the elaborate--nearly over the top-- elegance and layering of silk, satin and tiers of lace, in deep green, brown and cream which comprise the gown. Of particular note is the balance between the militaristic precision of the bodice and the ultra feminine lace, especially concentrated on the sleeves.

Lacie's bodice and skirt had become separated over the years and its was the keen eye of designer Sarah Beth which placed the ensemble back together. She was so taken with the piece, that she has selected Lacie to inspire her contemporary formal wear.

Several of Ellen's contact sheets are shown her, as are Sarah's preliminary sketches. Follow these pages for final proofs next month.

Enjoy this discovery and its application!

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