Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Men's Gear- Coming Soon!

We are currently developing a dossier of images of historic men's garments designed to inspire! There will be more to come later in the week, but we wanted to share a few teasers now. This stunning image by photographer Ellen McDermott and styled by creative partner, Bridget Sciales, was taken at the carpentry shed at Strawbery Banke Museum on August 7, 2011. The men's vests pictured range in materials from wool, cotton, cashmere and linen, with a variety of buttons. The striking printed cotton vest, with neoclassical design is of Revolutionary War vintage. While they may appear simple and similar to the modern eye, a contemporary would have recognized the difference in expense of materials, cut, detail and ornament, especially the buttons.

Ellen has captured, with these historic garments, a look that is nonetheless timeless and appeals to the modern sensibility, much as it would in a contemporary men's wear catalog. And the vest remains a practical, functional wardrobe item for many men today.

Photography, courtesy Ellen McDermott
Styling, Bridget Sciales
Set up, Jeff Hopper and Bridget Swift

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  1. Amazing! I love the printed one - I'm definitely a fan of neoclassical high collars.