Monday, May 9, 2011

The Story of "Lacie"

Summer of 2010, Seacoast designer Sarah Beth Johnson toured the textile and costume collection at Strawbery Banke Museum, in search of her inspiration for Passion for Fashion. She discovered "Lacie." While touring the collection with curatorial staff, Sarah came upon a luxurious late 19th century skirt, replete with layers of lace and an eye catching large gathered "bow" of green and brown silk. The skirt had been separated from its bodice, but in the course of her tour, Sarah spotted it hanging in a garment wardrobe. "Lacie" was reunited in all her extravagant glory. Unfortunately, the dress has no known provenance, but due to its design, material and color palette, and as a high style example of its type, "Lacie" will be on view in the upcoming exhibition.

The images shown here follow "Lacie" from our workroom/storage area, to Sarah's inspired design for a fun formal dress with a ballerina twist and finally, her transformation in the eyes of New York photographer, Ellen McDermott ( of "Lacie" into a stunning, graceful figure in the bow room of the Goodwin Mansion at Strawbery Banke Museum, October 2010.

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