Sunday, October 10, 2010

Brooches, Caps and Collars: Adornment in Portsmouth Portraits, 1800-1850

Not to be missed!

The Portsmouth Historical Society will present a gallery talk by curator Sandra Rux for the exhibit “Brooches, Caps and Collars; Adornment in Portsmouth Portraits 1800-1860” on Saturday October 30 at 11AM at the John Paul Jones House, 43 Middle St Portsmouth NH. Artists– known and unknown—of the sixteen portraits, will be the focus of this talk. Joseph Greenleaf Cole, the painter of five of the portraits was covered expertly by Tom Hardiman in his July lecture, so we will touch only briefly on his time in Portsmouth. Many of the other paintings are unsigned and some were painted in other cities. Ms. Rux will discuss where the subjects lived after they left Portsmouth and why they might commission portraits by out of town artists—for example the portrait painted of Martha Hooker Rollins from a daguerreotype by an artist in Brazil. This exhibit will close on October 31—make sure not to miss it. The gallery talk is free and open to the public.

For more information call 603 436-8420 or email

Photographs Courtesy Portsmouth Historical Society/John Paul Jones House

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